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Peritus Creative Group, LLC is the single best solution you will find anywhere to take your business' website to the very top of your market. Whether you are looking for a brand new website, or you have a website already - we guarantee we are the best website design and development solution you will find anywhere. Our goal is to ensure your project is second to none in your industry. Call us today at (407) 801-1932 to get a free consultation today!

What We Are Awesome At

Web Development

We can develop any solution or application you need. We've built large patented web applications used by millions of users. No project is too large, nor is any development need an undoable task!

Web Design

Our bread and butter is our cutting edge, premier design integrated into every detail of everything we do. Our background in user interface, graphic, and user experience design will provide the best possible solution available!


We have a wealth of experience working with well established brands, and creating new ones. Whatever your needs are in your technology we can satisfy it and even bring some more AWESOME to the table!


One of our founders and CEO Jim Brashear has worked in a full time job capacity several times consulting for major companies on SEO, and generating millions of dollars in conversion via organic, Google approved SEO methods.

Our Philosophy

The best companies demand more than their standard base level web development agency. We seek to be the premier brand name of web agencies - the name you correlate to high quality. When you need a solid partner that can execute on your vision, and only the best will do, then you will want to talk with Peritus Creative Group, LLC. Our philosophy can be summed up very simply: We only want to work on projects and with companies we can be proud to be associated with. That means the best or nothing.

Our Background

Peritus Creative Group, LLC is founded by the best combination possible - an engineer & a designer. Not one or the other. Founded by two creative guys who want to do awesome things for clients, and who want to live the American dream of being their own boss! For us it's about the work, and building things we feel proud of... not the money. We love what we do! Learn more about our founders.

Jim Brashear

A specialist in the field of usability, SEO, and front end development, Jim's ability to craft user experiences that feel natural to the user have contributed to countless revenue for his clients and employers over his career. Jim has served in nearly every position in the industry starting as a teenager freelancing in the '90s up to CTO at a multi million dollar company.

Jacob Grotelueschen
Chief Design Officer

Jake has a true passion for art, design, minimalism, and has unparalleled skill in the design field. Jake is a true artist in every sense of the word painting canvases showcased in art shows, digital art, web design, interface design, print design and so much more. Jake has been the lead designer on two different multi million dollar company's technology teams.


Current Project Tracker

Current Project: E Howard & Co.

E Howard & Co. has been making gorgeous high end grandfather clocks since 1842. They wanted a website to showcase the beauty of these magnificent time keeping works of art - and we are actively progressing to the finish line as we speak!

43% Complete

The Difference

The ability to write code, or design an attractive site does not equate to being a valuable technology partner for your business. We know all the buzzword technologies (JQuery, AJAX, Javascript, Object Oriented Programming / MVC, .NET, PHP, Ruby, Python, databases including mySQL / SQL Server, Oracle, etc.) - but what programmer doesn't!? What sets us apart is that we also understand BUSINESS NEEDS and speak ENGLISH, and can translate "nerd speak" to "business human speak" to form a great partnership for you between our organizations. Launching a site is only the beginning... is it working for your customers? How do you know? We believe web design can be science - not just subjective "I like this or that". We offer years of proven scientific solutions to ensure that our solutions are satisfactory and are producing for you. It's our guarantee! If you want your site to make you money and convey your brand in the best possible way - you want our services.

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We are so sure we can find opportunities to make you more money and increase the quality of your site (if you currently have one) that we are willing to offer a free consultation. We will hear out your needs, analyze your project - and provide a free write up of what we suggest you should do. If you want us to do the work then we can talk from there!

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